JIANJING (JJTZ) is a Chinese leading engineering consulting company dedicates to project planning and consulting, investment opportunity research, process control management, technoeconomic assessment and engineering legal service, with the ability of raise funds for the infrastructure projects development all around the world.

Since March 2016, closely follows the China new development concept, actively responds to the Belt and Road Initiative, and has participates in many consulting services related to projects of Multilateral Development Banks (MDBs), Overseas Investment and Foreign Aid. In this period, JJTZ has consolidating cooperation with multilateral development banks, providing long-term and stable low-cost funds for infrastructure projects development, conducted in-depth studies on the national conditions of the Belt and Road Initiative and completed a total of 80 bidding procurement projects.

Its awarded and honored with 1 of the 5 Chinese consulting enterprises qualifications to perform services to support foreign aid:

  • Qualification and Accreditation of Foreign Aid Project Implementation by the Ministry of Commerce of China;


  • Procurement Companies for Foreign Aid Projects of the Agency for International Economic Cooperation of the Ministry of Commerce of China.

JJTZ & AMMPTON have joined forces to create value for customers and make the best use of global resources in providing excellence engineering consulting services. Together, in our expanded geographic areas, we promote, develop and evaluate projects to offer cooperation between Chinese construction and local companies and increase our services activity in:

      01  Consulting in Real Estate and Infrastructure Projects     

      02  Management and Evaluation of Assets                                       

      03  Legal Analysis, Assets Acquisition and Licensing                         

      04  Feasibility Studies and Project Development                             

      05  Bidding Implementation and General Contracting                         

      06  Projects implementation in EPC+F, BOT or PPP Models     

      07  Financial and Funding Consulting                                              

      08  Other Types Consulting Services


JJTZ & AMMPTON provide all support during financing negotiation of the projects. Including presentation of different financing structure, contact with SINOSURE and Financing Bank(s) and, if does not exist, prepare feasibility study for these entities, which is indispensable.