Feasibility Studies & Project Development

AMMPTON carry out feasibility studies on real estate or infrastructure, which support the decisions of its promoters and which can be presented to entities that request them (financing entities, for example).

Starting from a profit maximization perspective, which is common to the investors view, we consider several scenarios and assumptions, allowing to demonstrate, analyze and evaluate the capacity of a project to generate value for its promoters.

We also have a comprehensive view of the role of investment in infrastructure assets from a governmental point of view. We believe that positive results can be achieved when the public sector, regulators and investors collaborate in creating fair, transparent and open frameworks that both attract investment and represent the interests of consumers, who end up paying for the services provided.

Project development is one of our main activities in which we are responsible for the planning, organizing, coordinating and controlling the resources to accomplish specific goals.

The service cycle covers all the development project stages which could include, for example, project proposal, bidding implementation, assessment report, feasibility study, fundraising, fund application, general contracting, project procurement plan, project management and project post-evaluation.